About us

Cast Line Bt.

The history of our company goes back to 1995. We started as a classic one-man business, which primarily focused on casting, was transformed to a family-based company in 2002. That time we aimed to expand and broaden our business activates with new services. As a result we established our goldsmith workshop with a small number of employees, which predominantly focuses on small-series jewelry production and design. Our client base consists of jewelers, designers, while we also welcome orders from other private or public companies.

We are proud that our products and services are known not only on the domestic market, but also in the number of European countries benefitting from our expanding business partnership.

Using of the latest technologies

We are constantly in the professional blood circulation, and our work involves knowledge of the latest technologies and tools.

Working fast and efficiently

We are at the service of our clients. With experienced colleagues, modern tools and equipment.

Production to domestic and international market

We are proud of that not only manufacture just for a Hungarian market, but our products are found in more and more European countries.

Applied techniques

Our company has decades of experience in precision jewelry casting. Our services are based on this activity. In addition to classical manual production, we are also able to produce small series of jewelry collections.

Centrifugal and vacuum / protective gas casting techniques are used.

We also put great emphasis on this, and we also gained lots of experience in making pieces of masterpieces. These are made primarily by hand, made of metal, but we also know and apply modern 3D techniques.

Distributed Products

C-Hafner’s precious metal materials: Our company also undertakes the marketing of German precious metal raw materials but only for the Hungarian market. We only work on orders, whether gold, platinum or palladium. With a few days of lead time, we undertake to purchase and even process these materials.

Open Technologies Srl is an Italian 3D scanner manufacturer and developer copnay. In addition to the jewelery industry, they have a wide range of products for applications and industries like:

  • Museum and archeology
  • Shoes and Fashion industry
  • Mechanical engineering and quality control
  • Creating a product range for webshops
  • Medical technology and dentistry

After assessing the needs, we offer the most ideal scanner for the job. Test and reference work is also possible.

Presentation of our workshop

Our office and workshop is located in the center of Budapest, in a convenient location. We can cast bigger pieces in our bigger workshop located Countryside in Hungary.
Workshop with multiple workstations provides the necessary conditions for production. Our goal is to continuously develop the tool and machine market to meet market demands.