Order & shipping

Process of ordering

Designing the jewel

Following a preliminary consultation personally or in email we provide you an offer together with a deadline. In the case of a small series production of jewels designed by ourself. we prepare the process of production in a way that the models are eligible for large series production as well.


We accept orders for gold, silver, copper, bronze casting with weekly frequency. Placing orders is executed personally or in email. In both cases we give you the expected lead time of the productions.

In case of orders of casting rare or special alloys (for example 8-9c gold, iron, platinum, etc.) we determine the price of the service individually considering the expected volume of the order.

Fixing jewel

In case of low number of pieces we accept orders with short deadlines. We also accepts constant or regular orders for retailers and wholesalers as well. We recommend personal meeting for consultation about sub-tasks and lead time.

3D Printing

We accept 3D printing orders preliminary for precious metal casting or the production of complete jewel. Based on the amount of the material implied by the STL file we provide you our price offer, while printings are usually produced within 1-3 days.

Casting and production of jewels

These jobs are always done as projects, meaning that we prioritize the certain sub-tasks based on the complexity of the work and the volume of the order. In all case we recommend personal consultation. Afterwards we provide you our offer in written form, or we ask you to send us a sample molding, which supports the transparency thus providing you the proper offer.

Purchasing and raw material account

We open raw material accounts for our clients following the first order
  • Volumes of materials processed or taken over from the client are credited on this account.
  • The account is debited after fulfilling the order with the volume of material processed.
The balance of the account can be settled in three ways
  1. Pure materials are provided after taking the productr over.
  2. Used material is provided after taking over the product.
  3. The balance is settled with money transfer or cash, where market prices are applied based on the actual condition list.


We are contracted partners of international couriers, hence it is convenient four us to ship semi-finished goods, spare parts for our clients.


  • Domestic shipment (Hungary) is available within 1 day (GLS)
  • Delivery in Europe is available within 2-5 days (TNT, GLS)
  • Oversea shipment is also available, in such cases we provide individual price offer are lead time.