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Open Technologies 3D Industrial Scanners, 3D Jewelry and Museum Object Scanners

Jewelery and product design

Quickly and efficiently using the latest technologies.

3D printing

We also undertake 3D model printing of software designed 3D files.

About us

Our family based company’s main purpose is
to give and ensure values to the Customers.

Working fast and efficiently

We are at the service of our clients. With experienced colleagues, modern tools and equipment.

Using of the latest technologies

We are constantly in the professional blood circulation, and our work involves knowledge of the latest technologies and tools.giák és eszközöket ismerete segíti.

We have been producing jewelery for more than 20 years

In our multi-personal goldsmith workshop We are dealing of manufacture and design small jewelry series.

Production to domestic and international market

We are proud of that not only manufacture just for a Hungarian market, but our products are found in more and more European countries.


Our Satisfied customers can bravely suggest Us for theirs frinds and relatives.

Erika Rácz

Our professional cooperation with Cast Line Bt is nearly a decade and a half. I mainly order casting jobs from the company. Year after year, I was looking for them with more and more detailed and richer master pieces and always striving for the highest quality. Since the beginning of our co-operation, I have not been looking for another company for casting, because the possible complaint was also being handled fairly.

Erika Rácz Berettyóújfalu / Hungary
Marion Fink

I’ve been working with a team for years. Reliable and enthusiastic company. We can always consult everything professionally.

Marion Fink Thews / Ireland
István Mufics

When I need casting service, I have only come here for a decade. Thank You for your work so far!

István Mufics  – Napékszer

István MuficsBudapest / Hungary
Peter Tiszavolgyi

Despite the long distance, we managed to pinpoint everything. The delivery is great and we are very happy with the jewelery. We can only offer the Cast Line team and thank you very much!

Peter TiszavolgyiNew Yersey / USA
149.870 pcs

made jewelery


served customers

12.754 pcs

vulcanized rubbers

From reliable sources Precious metal semi-finished products

Reliable raw materials

C-Hafner also deals with platinum, palladium, gold, silver, granules, plates, tubes, investment gold, soldering and metal powders in addition to precious metals. (We are distributing this goods only in the Hungarian market.)

The latest technology

Distribution of 3D scanners

Open Technologies 3D Industrial Scanners

Open Technologies 3D jewelery and museum object scanners

We also manufacture rubber molds from masterpieces

Rubber and Wax Form Making

The material of the master piece can be metal, plastic or fossil material suitable for removal. We work with a variety of materials, using normal silicone, low melting silicone rubber bits and two-component silicone.

A plastic polymer is made From the 3D model, from which We prepare rubber molds 3D Printing

3D Printing

We also undertake the 3D architecture of files designed with .STL, .3DM, .SLC, 3D design software. From the 3D model, a plastic polymer is made of rubber molds. These copy steps must be taken into account when designing jewelery.

Casting of cast, direct casting polymer or 3D wax models is possible, but prior to casting, prior consultation with our specialists is required. (type of construction technology, type of polymer material, etc.)

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